Grand Master:  Wrong Way
Leader of the MisManagement Committee and Belize Hashers. Helps other mismanagement with their functions. The Chief Operating Officer of the hash.

Hash Cash:  Techno
Collects money every week, keeps records of run counts, reconciles accounts, pays bills, makes deposits, etc. The treasurer of the hash.

Religious Advisor:  Two Dogs F**
Presides over the baptisms of new members into the Hash Family.

Hash Drey:  Vespam
Keeps us all beer’ed up.

Hash Haberdash:  Imelda Bait
Purveyor of Hash goodies, souvenir and gimmees. Mail her with questions about hash gear.

Deputy Haberdash:  Quick Delivery
Responsible for all our t-shirt and design needs.  Contact him will all suggestions for t-shirts and sign needs.

Hare Raiser:  Tilapia Taco
Responsible for scheduling all hashes, finding hares, and sending out email notifications.

Web Master:  Quick Delivery
Responsible for maintenance of the official hash web page:  https://belizeh3.wordpress.com and sending out email notifications.

Hash Scribe:  Quick Delivery
Writes hash trashes – sometimes even in a timely manner.

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