February 5, 2011: Art Box

6 Feb

Hares: Vespam, Cupid Stunt, Illegally Blond

The warm weather has a knack for appearing during long hashes and this was no exception. The hares tried to cheat a little and re-use a course from the past but Hurricane Richard prevented that as the trail was still a mess. The trail is a bit off the beaten path and from the size of the deadly snake the hares scared up, it seems like it isn’t really in use anymore. Thank goodness the snake was out of there by the time the wimps made it through the jungle course.

We had a really large turnout again this hash and it was mostly regulars. Nice to see our numbers continuing to increase on a hash-ly basis. The routes took the wimps/rambos to the west side of the western highway, along the back of BCA and along the river. The wimps were on a nice dirt road the entire first half. Don’t really know about the rambos. I think they were on it as well as some off-roading as well. Beer stop was even more appreciated than usual as the temps had us all sweating. After the beer stop, the rambos got a nice cool down as they swam the back half of the trail while the wimps headed into the jungle. No snakes. No crocodiles. I’d say it was a success.

We had some clever down-downs this hash. Not the usual crap and people seemed very involved in the circle. The GM did a nice job of keeping us all interested while getting through all the charges and annoucements. The GM kicked off the circle with a self-charge for being absent from the hash for a while due to the birth of little ‘Way’.

Virgins: Dan (the new US intern) and Seabrook (friend of Lying Head to Toe)

Pretending to be Part of the Hash and only showing up for the circle: F* Red Bull

FWB: Two Dogs

FRB: Dan

Pretending to blame the locked beer stop vehicle on Lamb Chop: Cupid Stunt

Upgrading/Downgrading from wimp/rambo: Cockspur Squaw and Andy

Lack of hash gear: Otto, License to Kill, F* Red Bull, Salty Rim, Ayisha, Tatiana (not her fault – QD forgot her new shirt at home).

No habershasher stuff out for sale: Imelda Bait

No Hash Mugs: Quite a few

Lack of wearing Hash Sh*t : Salty Rim – but Vespam drank it because that was already a charge (which I apparently missed noting)

Incorrect song lyrics for those who didn’t have a cup: Quick Delivery

Talky Talky around the circle: Andy, Chris

The Hash Sh*t was awarded to F* Red Bull. Seems that Hashers don’t like latecomers to the Hash.

The Hash Ball is Feb 26. Get your tickets now from Vespam.
Next Hash is Feb 19 at San Ignacio, starting at Hode’s. Two Dogs and P. Dumpling are haring.


January 23, 2011: Hare of the Dog

23 Jan

Hares: Two Dogs and Vespam

My, my, my. Did the number of hashers drop off significantly between Saturday’s hash and Sunday morning’s hash. Maybe it had something to do with the 1 am swimming or the mass quantities of baloney being spewed on the first floor balcony at the Sea Spray until 2 am. Either case, about 20 people showed up for the Hare of the Dog, which also happened to be on Techno’s birthday. This time we headed north from the Sea Spray. It was a short, sweet walk/run with the executive decision being made by Vespam to cut it shorter so we could head back and finish the circle before continuing with check-out and other items of the days schedule. Amazingly, there was still beer and rum punch left over from the hash the day before. Vespam, F* Red Bull, Kevin, Granny B, and a few others saw to it to reduce the extra beer – couldn’t have that going all the way back to Belmopan!

Down Downs:

Inappropriate dress: Cupid Stunt and Lamb Chop

Late attendees: Granny B and Pol Rider

Lack of Hash Sh*t attire: Salty Rim

January 22, 2011: Placencia Hash – Goodbye Pol Rider and Granny Banger

22 Jan

Hares: Pol Rider and Imelda Bait

Wow! What a turn out. It seems like hashers took over Placencia as there were close to 50 hashers down for the weekend. We got off to a bit of a late start as Granny Banger was just arriving on a flight at 3:05. This gave us all time to mingle and get the beer drinking on. The weather wasn’t particular spectacular this weekend but that probably was in our favor as we didn’t need to get sunburned in addition to being ‘toasted’.

There were two separate routes for the wimps and the rambos, all heading south from the Sea Spray Hotel. We headed into the main part of the village and received quite a few looks. I can’t imagine we were very quiet and we made quite a site – especially Pol Rider as she was wearing the Hash Sh*t gear. A little sand in the shoes later and we all ended up on the west side of the peninsula at our first beer stop. The beer was refreshing as usual and we headed back on the course. A zig and a zag north and it was an on home for the wimps. One of the many kids on the hash were very astute and saw a marker heading back into the village while we were on the on-home. As suspected and later confirmed, the wimps did not take a very direct on-home back and instead ended up doing the rambos run in reverse. It was all in good fun and we got there a little later than intended. Not to worry, there was still beer chilling in the cooler for all of us.
There were lots of newbies and one-time visitors to the Hash. Although we welcomed them all to the hash, they did not receive temporary names. We gave them a down-down and kicked them out of the center of the circle.

Hash Sh*t was once again awarded to Salty Rim. This time his offense was – oh, who knows why this time.

We named 3 members of the Hash. Going forward, Yvonne’s name will be ‘Pan Con Queso’ , Sandra will now be ‘Lying Head to Toe’, and Jade will be ‘Little Mermaid’.

And of course, the finale of the circle was a goodbye for Pol Rider and Granny Banger, who will be greatly missed. Granny Banger was always there when it was needed: to make shirts, to set hashes, to create a party atmosphere. Good luck at your next post. The Chinese don’t know what they have coming!

January 8, 2011: Catch the Hare, BMP

17 Jan

Hares: After much debate and emails sent out Granny Banger and Vespam volunteered do the Hash for the absent GM.

It was a live Hash or catch the Hare. The wimps and Rambo’s were divided equally with Vespam leading the Wimps while Granny Banger set off doing the live run. The Hashers left the Governor General’s Field and headed off towards the tennis courts but did a quick right heading towards City Council and then on down behind St. Ann’s Anglican Church. From there it was a search for the flour which sent us all down past the National Assembly and onto Constitution Dr. and then across and down through the local bar onto Slim Lane. From there we all headed towards the Ministry of Works then on past the Hospital and did a loop through residential areas onto the road going into Cohune Walk where we all met up for a Beer stop. The Wimps join us all and after a few beers the Hare headed off again setting the trail. Now I don’t know if it was the Stout or the excessive indulgence during Xmas but the Hare was soon spotted by the Rambo’s who now were in hot pursuit to catch the Hare. Soon the Hare realized his predicament and vainly proceeded keep ahead but was soon caught just near Chun Saan Palace. From there all the Rambo’s headed back onto the Ring Road and the on Home to meet the Wimp’s back at the GG Field.

The RA called in the circle and awarded some of the following Down Downs:
• Techno – FRB
• Granny Banger – being caught
• Rum Punch – forgetting her cup

The Hash Shit after much discussion was awarded to Pole Rider because she never ever gets awarded down downs. Pretty weak excuse and I expect Granny Banger spent a few nights on the couch after that suggestion.

December 18, 2010: BMP Christmas Hash

18 Dec

Hares: Techno & ImeldaBait

It was the Christmas run and so there were a few surprises for the hashers. It was the first in a long time that no children were at this hash. Being that some families were travelling out of the country or else where the numbers were down but it was good fun. Santa Claus showed up for the day and awarded the hashers with jelly shots and candy canes. For his effort he was awarded with beer. As per usual there was the Rambo’s and Wimp’s run which ran and then separated after a jelly stop. The Hashers mostly stayed off the road and even ventured across recently cleared land which made for a pleasant walk or run depending on which group you were with. The Wimps had the benefit of the Rambo’s being generous with not consuming a lot of jelly shots so did their part in finishing off the rest before heading off again. The result was that the Rambo’s past them by after going on their extended run.

The circle was called and there were two hashers visiting from the US in which one Fuc Stick and the other Pelvis Chestley who took up the duties of GM. The circle was entertained by them both ….. With songs and the obvious Down Downs.

There were numerous Down Downs that I have only highlighted the top one.
The Hares – Techno and Grace
The Virgins
Santa Claus
Visiting Hashers

The Hash Shit was awarded to Granny Banger for the weak excuse of not drinking under medical advice.

A Hash name was given to Grace who shall now be called Cunning linguist.

December 4, 2010: Caves Branch Outpost

4 Dec

Hares: Two Dogs and Tilapia Taco

The long awaited and delayed zip line hash finally happened at Caves Branch Outpost. A straightforward walk/run to the zip line allowed us to work of another 1/16 of a pound before attractively strapping ourselves to cables and flying through the 7 different zip lines. The weather was great and the sound of chirping birds easily drown out all the yelps of fear that came from the hashers. The peaceful sound of nature was only disturbed by the incredible thudding of our beloved hashers, Imelda Bait, Salty Rim, P Dumpling, and Cupid Stunt trying their hardest to knock down some trees by not braking while on the zips. This gesture also gave them the opportunity to fight for the Hash Sh*t award, which was ultimately given to Salty Rim for a different offence of endangering the lives of minors. Caves Branch Outpost created a great Belizean lunch of rice, beans, and chicken for us while the kids spent their lunch time playing with the enormous jungle beetles.

Down Downs – it is very hard to keep track of down downs when pouring beers for the circle. I know I poured some for Tilapia Taco, (some sort of) Bread, Cupid Stunt, new hashers, Salty Rim, Imelda Bait, and P Dumpling. Unfortunately, I don’t remember why.

November 20, 2010: The Hash that Might Have Been

20 Nov

Hares: Granny B and Vespam

Imagine, if you will, dense jungle, deep rivers, trails so adventurous that it was advised that children and elderly should stay home. This is what Otto drove through to get to the hash in More Tomorrow. The rest of us received an email stating the hash moved to Belmopan because the rain washed out the roads into the village. Granny B and Vespam quickly adjusted course on Saturday morning, as witnessed by the many hashers who saw them driving throughout BMP. Given the widespread distribution list, I will not even mention the obscene gestures some of the witnesses may have received from the hares. Ooops. The course was a nice walk/run through BMP and I’m not even kidding when I state the course was actually challenging. Sure we could have walked along the road, but in many cases, we walked in the ditch and long grass alongside of the road. We were fortunate to have two guests from DC area who randomly contacted Quick Delivery via the Hash Facebook page. The crowd was light so they regaled us with some of their hash songs.

Down downs. Again, there were some. The guests sang new down down songs for each offense. The Hash Haberdasher was a little down on her game and had to run home before the circle to find some hash gear for the visitors to buy. The guests were also great to exchange DC hash gear with BZ has gear.