The Basics

Information for new hashers (a.k.a. “virgins”)

If you have never attended a hash before, YOU ARE STILL A VIRGIN! For a brief introduction, watch the video below which was created by Hashers in Santa Barbara, California.  While we run things slightly different in Belize, this is a great glimpse at the world of Hashing.

How to Find the Hash

Belize Hashes are every two weeks on Saturdays.  There are various ways to find out where and when the hash will start.   There is a hash mailing list that you can request to be added to.  You can also contact any of the MisManagement team.  You don’t need to let anyone know you are coming, just show up!

Hash Overview

A “hash” involves a trail that is set prior to each hash by the ‘hares’, who are predetermined members of the group.   The trails themselves are anywhere between one and five miles long. Trail is typically marked in flour..

Pre-Hash Circle

At the start of each hash, everyone gathers around the hares in a circle for an explanation of the symbols used on the course and any other special notes about the trail.

The Actual Trail

After the circle, you will be pointed in the general direction of the trail start and will then be on your own (actually, you will surrounded by other hashers, but the difference is negligible). You will be looking for the marks as described by the hare(s).

When you find an ‘O’ (a circle), this is called a “check,” which means that trail can go in any direction from that point. The hares will attempt to confuse you with false trails, which may be marked with two filled circles followed by an ‘x’.

The Beer Stop

After running on trail for awhile, somewhere between the start of the run and the end of the run, there will be a very special check, the “Beer Stop” (also known as the “BS”). Sometimes we have one beer check, sometimes more, sometimes less. The more beer checks on a trail, the more likely you are on a longer run. At the beer check, beverages, including beer, water, and soda are provided. Beer checks help keep the group together. While the faster runners drink and enjoy a break, the slower runners and walkers have time to catch up. But all have some time to enjoy a beverage or two. From the beer check, the pack takes off again.


The end destination of the trail is known as Home. This is usually where the hash started.   Once Home, another circle is formed. The General Manager (“GM”) calls the hares into the middle where they are given the proper abuse they deserve for setting the trail. Visitors and virgins are also given justice for making the mistake of running with us. Accusations are also made for abuses on trail, such as not wearing hash apparel, showing up late or skipping the trail or together and just showing up at the end. Note: Do not wear new shoes as this will lead to accusations as well. If you do, prepare to drink for your foolishness. You have been warned. Hashers typically frown on events of a competitive nature. Accusations lead to down-downs. Songs are sung, beer or other beverages are consumed, food is eaten and much merriment is had by all.

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