February 5, 2011: Art Box

6 Feb

Hares: Vespam, Cupid Stunt, Illegally Blond

The warm weather has a knack for appearing during long hashes and this was no exception. The hares tried to cheat a little and re-use a course from the past but Hurricane Richard prevented that as the trail was still a mess. The trail is a bit off the beaten path and from the size of the deadly snake the hares scared up, it seems like it isn’t really in use anymore. Thank goodness the snake was out of there by the time the wimps made it through the jungle course.

We had a really large turnout again this hash and it was mostly regulars. Nice to see our numbers continuing to increase on a hash-ly basis. The routes took the wimps/rambos to the west side of the western highway, along the back of BCA and along the river. The wimps were on a nice dirt road the entire first half. Don’t really know about the rambos. I think they were on it as well as some off-roading as well. Beer stop was even more appreciated than usual as the temps had us all sweating. After the beer stop, the rambos got a nice cool down as they swam the back half of the trail while the wimps headed into the jungle. No snakes. No crocodiles. I’d say it was a success.

We had some clever down-downs this hash. Not the usual crap and people seemed very involved in the circle. The GM did a nice job of keeping us all interested while getting through all the charges and annoucements. The GM kicked off the circle with a self-charge for being absent from the hash for a while due to the birth of little ‘Way’.

Virgins: Dan (the new US intern) and Seabrook (friend of Lying Head to Toe)

Pretending to be Part of the Hash and only showing up for the circle: F* Red Bull

FWB: Two Dogs

FRB: Dan

Pretending to blame the locked beer stop vehicle on Lamb Chop: Cupid Stunt

Upgrading/Downgrading from wimp/rambo: Cockspur Squaw and Andy

Lack of hash gear: Otto, License to Kill, F* Red Bull, Salty Rim, Ayisha, Tatiana (not her fault – QD forgot her new shirt at home).

No habershasher stuff out for sale: Imelda Bait

No Hash Mugs: Quite a few

Lack of wearing Hash Sh*t : Salty Rim – but Vespam drank it because that was already a charge (which I apparently missed noting)

Incorrect song lyrics for those who didn’t have a cup: Quick Delivery

Talky Talky around the circle: Andy, Chris

The Hash Sh*t was awarded to F* Red Bull. Seems that Hashers don’t like latecomers to the Hash.

The Hash Ball is Feb 26. Get your tickets now from Vespam.
Next Hash is Feb 19 at San Ignacio, starting at Hode’s. Two Dogs and P. Dumpling are haring.