January 23, 2011: Hare of the Dog

23 Jan

Hares: Two Dogs and Vespam

My, my, my. Did the number of hashers drop off significantly between Saturday’s hash and Sunday morning’s hash. Maybe it had something to do with the 1 am swimming or the mass quantities of baloney being spewed on the first floor balcony at the Sea Spray until 2 am. Either case, about 20 people showed up for the Hare of the Dog, which also happened to be on Techno’s birthday. This time we headed north from the Sea Spray. It was a short, sweet walk/run with the executive decision being made by Vespam to cut it shorter so we could head back and finish the circle before continuing with check-out and other items of the days schedule. Amazingly, there was still beer and rum punch left over from the hash the day before. Vespam, F* Red Bull, Kevin, Granny B, and a few others saw to it to reduce the extra beer – couldn’t have that going all the way back to Belmopan!

Down Downs:

Inappropriate dress: Cupid Stunt and Lamb Chop

Late attendees: Granny B and Pol Rider

Lack of Hash Sh*t attire: Salty Rim