January 22, 2011: Placencia Hash – Goodbye Pol Rider and Granny Banger

22 Jan

Hares: Pol Rider and Imelda Bait

Wow! What a turn out. It seems like hashers took over Placencia as there were close to 50 hashers down for the weekend. We got off to a bit of a late start as Granny Banger was just arriving on a flight at 3:05. This gave us all time to mingle and get the beer drinking on. The weather wasn’t particular spectacular this weekend but that probably was in our favor as we didn’t need to get sunburned in addition to being ‘toasted’.

There were two separate routes for the wimps and the rambos, all heading south from the Sea Spray Hotel. We headed into the main part of the village and received quite a few looks. I can’t imagine we were very quiet and we made quite a site – especially Pol Rider as she was wearing the Hash Sh*t gear. A little sand in the shoes later and we all ended up on the west side of the peninsula at our first beer stop. The beer was refreshing as usual and we headed back on the course. A zig and a zag north and it was an on home for the wimps. One of the many kids on the hash were very astute and saw a marker heading back into the village while we were on the on-home. As suspected and later confirmed, the wimps did not take a very direct on-home back and instead ended up doing the rambos run in reverse. It was all in good fun and we got there a little later than intended. Not to worry, there was still beer chilling in the cooler for all of us.
There were lots of newbies and one-time visitors to the Hash. Although we welcomed them all to the hash, they did not receive temporary names. We gave them a down-down and kicked them out of the center of the circle.

Hash Sh*t was once again awarded to Salty Rim. This time his offense was – oh, who knows why this time.

We named 3 members of the Hash. Going forward, Yvonne’s name will be ‘Pan Con Queso’ , Sandra will now be ‘Lying Head to Toe’, and Jade will be ‘Little Mermaid’.

And of course, the finale of the circle was a goodbye for Pol Rider and Granny Banger, who will be greatly missed. Granny Banger was always there when it was needed: to make shirts, to set hashes, to create a party atmosphere. Good luck at your next post. The Chinese don’t know what they have coming!