January 8, 2011: Catch the Hare, BMP

17 Jan

Hares: After much debate and emails sent out Granny Banger and Vespam volunteered do the Hash for the absent GM.

It was a live Hash or catch the Hare. The wimps and Rambo’s were divided equally with Vespam leading the Wimps while Granny Banger set off doing the live run. The Hashers left the Governor General’s Field and headed off towards the tennis courts but did a quick right heading towards City Council and then on down behind St. Ann’s Anglican Church. From there it was a search for the flour which sent us all down past the National Assembly and onto Constitution Dr. and then across and down through the local bar onto Slim Lane. From there we all headed towards the Ministry of Works then on past the Hospital and did a loop through residential areas onto the road going into Cohune Walk where we all met up for a Beer stop. The Wimps join us all and after a few beers the Hare headed off again setting the trail. Now I don’t know if it was the Stout or the excessive indulgence during Xmas but the Hare was soon spotted by the Rambo’s who now were in hot pursuit to catch the Hare. Soon the Hare realized his predicament and vainly proceeded keep ahead but was soon caught just near Chun Saan Palace. From there all the Rambo’s headed back onto the Ring Road and the on Home to meet the Wimp’s back at the GG Field.

The RA called in the circle and awarded some of the following Down Downs:
• Techno – FRB
• Granny Banger – being caught
• Rum Punch – forgetting her cup

The Hash Shit after much discussion was awarded to Pole Rider because she never ever gets awarded down downs. Pretty weak excuse and I expect Granny Banger spent a few nights on the couch after that suggestion.