December 18, 2010: BMP Christmas Hash

18 Dec

Hares: Techno & ImeldaBait

It was the Christmas run and so there were a few surprises for the hashers. It was the first in a long time that no children were at this hash. Being that some families were travelling out of the country or else where the numbers were down but it was good fun. Santa Claus showed up for the day and awarded the hashers with jelly shots and candy canes. For his effort he was awarded with beer. As per usual there was the Rambo’s and Wimp’s run which ran and then separated after a jelly stop. The Hashers mostly stayed off the road and even ventured across recently cleared land which made for a pleasant walk or run depending on which group you were with. The Wimps had the benefit of the Rambo’s being generous with not consuming a lot of jelly shots so did their part in finishing off the rest before heading off again. The result was that the Rambo’s past them by after going on their extended run.

The circle was called and there were two hashers visiting from the US in which one Fuc Stick and the other Pelvis Chestley who took up the duties of GM. The circle was entertained by them both ….. With songs and the obvious Down Downs.

There were numerous Down Downs that I have only highlighted the top one.
The Hares – Techno and Grace
The Virgins
Santa Claus
Visiting Hashers

The Hash Shit was awarded to Granny Banger for the weak excuse of not drinking under medical advice.

A Hash name was given to Grace who shall now be called Cunning linguist.