December 4, 2010: Caves Branch Outpost

4 Dec

Hares: Two Dogs and Tilapia Taco

The long awaited and delayed zip line hash finally happened at Caves Branch Outpost. A straightforward walk/run to the zip line allowed us to work of another 1/16 of a pound before attractively strapping ourselves to cables and flying through the 7 different zip lines. The weather was great and the sound of chirping birds easily drown out all the yelps of fear that came from the hashers. The peaceful sound of nature was only disturbed by the incredible thudding of our beloved hashers, Imelda Bait, Salty Rim, P Dumpling, and Cupid Stunt trying their hardest to knock down some trees by not braking while on the zips. This gesture also gave them the opportunity to fight for the Hash Sh*t award, which was ultimately given to Salty Rim for a different offence of endangering the lives of minors. Caves Branch Outpost created a great Belizean lunch of rice, beans, and chicken for us while the kids spent their lunch time playing with the enormous jungle beetles.

Down Downs – it is very hard to keep track of down downs when pouring beers for the circle. I know I poured some for Tilapia Taco, (some sort of) Bread, Cupid Stunt, new hashers, Salty Rim, Imelda Bait, and P Dumpling. Unfortunately, I don’t remember why.

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