November 20, 2010: The Hash that Might Have Been

20 Nov

Hares: Granny B and Vespam

Imagine, if you will, dense jungle, deep rivers, trails so adventurous that it was advised that children and elderly should stay home. This is what Otto drove through to get to the hash in More Tomorrow. The rest of us received an email stating the hash moved to Belmopan because the rain washed out the roads into the village. Granny B and Vespam quickly adjusted course on Saturday morning, as witnessed by the many hashers who saw them driving throughout BMP. Given the widespread distribution list, I will not even mention the obscene gestures some of the witnesses may have received from the hares. Ooops. The course was a nice walk/run through BMP and I’m not even kidding when I state the course was actually challenging. Sure we could have walked along the road, but in many cases, we walked in the ditch and long grass alongside of the road. We were fortunate to have two guests from DC area who randomly contacted Quick Delivery via the Hash Facebook page. The crowd was light so they regaled us with some of their hash songs.

Down downs. Again, there were some. The guests sang new down down songs for each offense. The Hash Haberdasher was a little down on her game and had to run home before the circle to find some hash gear for the visitors to buy. The guests were also great to exchange DC hash gear with BZ has gear.

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