November 6, 2010: 2nd Annual Red Dress Run

6 Nov

Hares: Techno and Granny Banger
Location: Belmopan

It may have been a cold week leading up to the 2nd Annual Red Dress Run but the weather was anything but unpleasant on Hash day. We had close to 70 participants, with a crew from BATSUB trekking down in buses for the event. Everyone was dressed in their finest red attire for the walk/run through Belmopan. While we received a handful of negative comments for the men wearing dresses, Belmopan’s citizens seemed to enjoy the spectacle as many came out of their houses to get a good look at us and ask what on earth we were doing.

This year, the proceeds from Red Dress run will be split between the two charities: Mary Open Door, which is a women shelter in San Ignacio, and Belmopan Special Olympics. Through the hard work of the hashers, and Rum Punch in particular, we were able to raise almost $5000!!!!!

Down Downs
Virgins and the people who made them come, such as Cockspur Squaw who didn’t share her hash name with her recruitees
Cupid Stunt for forgetting to wear his Hash Sh*t attire
F* Red Bull for inappropriate flashing. He was able to get some donations on while on the route so he must have been doing something right!
And in what must be a first for any Hash, there was extra beer so there was a big group down-down in celebration of a successful Red Dress Run

Special thanks to the British High Commission for hosting the post-hash festivities at the Housing Complex. Rum Punch and Vespam coordinated a fantastic bbq and access to the pool was a hit as people wore off their extra energy from the bbq and drinks with a competitive game of water-goal-sport-thingy.