October 9, 2010: Over the River and Through the Woods

9 Oct

On the Rocks and Techno treated the Hashers to what has been the best hash that I have participated in.  We had extraordinary participation at the out of town hash, which was held at a farm on the way to Jaguar Paw.  Excellent, clean horse trails were perfect to hash in although they didn’t prevent Imelda Bait from walking into a tree – for which, she was rewarded with the Hash Shit award.

The hash circle was led by the Hares, which is a new tradition we are starting.  Salty Rim and Tilapia Taco made their way into the circle for showing up a wee bit late – you can read into that they showed up as we started the Hash Circle.  And in a charge that was rightfully given, Quick Delivery had to step into the circle for a down-down for taking so long to get the Hash Trash out.  In the spirit of the Mismanagement Committee relaxing a bit on the job, I think it is only fair then, that One Stroke watch his back as the website is a bit overdue for an update.

We also had witnessed the rebirth of John and On the Rocks to Pussy Dumpling and Pussy Liquor, respectively.  Vespam did an excellent job as Temporary Religious Advisor, given the absence of Two Dogs.


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